Families best friend - dogs, often need to follow their owners from one country to the other. Perfect planning and cautiousness plays vital roles in this service if we want to avoid unnecessary stress and suffering for our doggy. 

The most important aspects and actions need to be decided and taken care well before the actual moving day:

  • Deciding the method of transport (usually by air)
  • Selecting the right size of kennel/cage for the journey
  • Familiarizing with documentations and veterinary condition requirements at destination
  • Obtaining shots, chip and other certificates (this may takes months before departure)
  • Initiating primarily booking with adequate transit time and traveling condition
  • Getting your doggy used to the kennel/cage (couple of weeks before departure)
  • Last day(s) preparations: food, relax, toys and blanket (has the smell of the owner)

Each case can be different, countries have various rules in terms of import/veterinary regulation. The earlier you can start the preparation the more safer and easier your dog will travel. Communicate your needs. Make a contact, leave a brief description of the assistance your doggy will require. ECO will respond to you within 24 hours and provide you with details as needed. 

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