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Eco Relocation provides human resource tailored services, as employee relocation or workforce mobility management. Including all range of internal business processes to transfer employees and their families to a new location from or to the Czech Republic.

The relocation process can cover domestic residential services where your employee moves within location country as well as international relocation services which include: 

Planning transferees for working abroad • arranging necessary documents: visa, long-term stay permissions • finding a new house - home search, accommodation • finding a school for children - proper education • finding a job for the partner or "trailing spouse" - spouse support • arranging a teacher for the family - language training; • and introducing expatriates to the local culture and community - intercultural sessions.

Communicate your needs. Make a contact, leave a brief description of the services you require. ECO Relocation will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours of submission with a cost estimate for your relocation service and/or provide you with further need assessment facilitation information.

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